Director Responsible To: AYF Canada Central Executive

Desired Qualifications:
– At least 23 years of age
– Ability to supervise counselors and campers
– Ability to plan, originate, organize and carry out daily and special programs
– Fluent in Western or Eastern Armenian language
– Basic knowledge of Armenian culture, including but not limited to history, current events and political agenda, customs, music and arts
– Knowledge of the AYF and ARF, its purpose, mission and ideals
– Preferred First Aid certified
– Preferred Camp Vanadzor counselor alumni

General Responsibility and Expectation:
– Understand, identify, define and carry out the mission and goals of Camp Vanadzor
– To plan, direct, and supervise all camp programs, counselors, and local volunteers

Specific Responsibilities:
1. Understand the camp’s mission and goals and plan programs to reflect them (
2. Assist the local director in establishing and maintaining excellent communication with camper parents and families
3. Financial management
4. Function with and/or enhance established routines, schedules, and procedures for camp operation
5. Supervise, monitor, and evaluate counselor activity and program schedules
6. Managing and allocating supplies, resources and facilities
7. Function with, direct and monitor crises management plan, including emergency procedure rehearsals
8. Organize and/or approve field trips out of camp for program
9. Monitor safety and all safety procedures as they pertain to the supervision of all campers counselors, and volunteers
10. Promote an atmosphere of high morale, safety and well being among campers, counselors, local volunteers and parents
NOTE: These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned by the Central Executive and other duties may be assigned as required

Essential Functions:
– Ability to communicate and work with a variety of age groups
– Ability to establish and maintain communication with camper parents and families without hesitation
– Ability to observe counselor and camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, convey and enforce all camper and counselor rules and regulations and apply behavior-management techniques
– Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to all program and activity instruction and content for adherence to lesson plans, general plans, safety procedures, proper supervision, and appropriateness to the overall mission and goals of Camp Vanadzor
– Ability to prioritize Camp Director’s function as superior over any and all prior personal relationships that may pre-exist counselors
– Proficiency in MS Office applications, Internet and email
– Ability to put the needs of others before your own
– Ability to understand and identify right and wrong and stand up for what is right even though you may not be popular
– Ability to initiate and direct conflict resolution techniques
– Ability to work hard for long periods of time
– Ability to speak clearly and confidently to individuals, small groups and large groups
– Ability to be constructive with criticism and generous with praise and encouragement

*Note: Those applying for the role of Camp Vanadzor Director 2022 must also complete a counselor application form in addition to the form below.   Please select a valid form

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