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«Ինչպէ՞ս ընդունիլ այս ձեռքերը, որ ուզում են միայն մեր ձայները խեղդել։» – Նիկոլ Դուման

“How can we accept these hands, which wish to solely strangle our voices?” – Nigol Touman


CANADA (June 2, 2020)— The Armenian Youth Federation of Canada (AYF Canada) stands in firm solidarity with the African American and African Canadian communities in their struggle to fight against racism, oppression, and police brutality. More importantly, we condemn the death of George Floyd and every other African American that has been killed solely because of the colour of their skin.

We, as the Armenian youth, understand your struggle and stand against any shape or form of racism, oppression or injustice. The ideals of our organization take root deeply in the fighting of injustice, no matter where we see it and no matter how it manifests itself. We are facing an undeniable fact that the black communities in the United States of America and in Canada have to live through racial profiling, racism and targeting. As a minority who continues to suffer under the oppressive regime in Turkey or who have suffered pogroms in Sumgait and Baku, Azerbaijan only two decades ago, we understand, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone who fights for their rights.

We reaffirm our strong belief in equal and just democracies which can only be brought forward with the collective effort of all. We will not achieve said democracy if we do not address issues of systematic racism and oppression within our soils. Canada is a multi-cultural and ever-growing nation that has shown progress. As Canadians, we will continue to strive for a better society where a person does not need to fear to walk down the streets without being targeted by the police.