Youth Corps 2016 – Day 10

Category: Youth Corps Diary - 2016

It was never just a two week camp or an experience that would be a valuable addition to a resume. It’s purpose was never to simply bring Armenians from the diaspora together and hope that their time in Vanadzor and the majestic mountains that surround it will awaken within thier hearts the search for thier roots and maybe, God forbid, will make them fall in love with a country that is so different from the one they came from- but that is undoubtedly theirs. It’s purpose was much much bigger than that. It’s purpose was nation building.  

Whether our volunteers know it or not, but these two weeks they were the misfits, the rebels, the crazy ones, and the revolutionaries. Every smile they caused and every story they told to thier campers about the Rosdoms and Njtehs and thier significance in the Armenian people’s eternal struggle for survival, was a revolutionary act that would become the catalyst to building a greater nation.  

But these kids who we spent 2 weeks with from 10 am to 4 pm, who seem to come from a hopeless place, also caused a revolution within me and the rest of the volunteers. They kept us from wanting to play with our phones and they taught us how to live in the present, because they seem to understand and take in life in a more beautiful way. Hence, knowing today that we were to depart from their captivating eyes and their beautiful souls left us in tears as we said our last goodbyes to those children who taught us more about ourselves these past 2 weeks than all the time we have spent walking on this earth.

Krikor Sahagian, Jerusalem