Youth Corps 2016 – Day 9

Category: Youth Corps Diary - 2016

Emotions definitely start to ring high as our camp begins to come to an end. It is not going to be an easy good bye tomorrow. Fortunately, we were able to occupy much of our time today by preparing for our “last day of camp” ceremony. Every group is responsible for putting together 15 minutes’ worth of material for the ceremony. The group I help lead, Gaydzag (lightning), came up with 4 separate acts for our portion. I was beyond impressed with the campers’ creativity and imagination when coming up with ideas. We decided that we would sing “Kedashen” as a group and have 3 other acts that would highlight some of our talented campers. The first of these acts is a poem written by our very own campers about the AYF Canada Youth Corps councillors. I was truly blown away by how beautifully written it is. Our next act is going to be a traditional Armenian “shurchbar” (dance), which I will have the pleasure of taking part in along with 8 girls from my group! It took quite a bit of practice to get up to par with the girls who have been taking traditional Armenian dance lessons for years, but they were as determined as I was to ensure I can take part. I really hope I don’t screw up tomorrow! And finally a group of our campers have mastered the “cup” song made popular by YouTube and will perform their own rendition.


It is truly hard to believe that our camp is coming to an end tomorrow. In all honesty, I was quite nervous about having to be a councillor, as this was my first time working with kids in any capacity. However, I can say with some certainty that it wont be my last.


Shaunt Tchakmakian

AYF Canada – Toronto “Simon Zavarian” Chapter