Youth Corps 2016 – Day 8

Category: Youth Corps Diary - 2016

Now that we’re well into our second week at Camp Vanadzor, we’ve established close relationships with our campers and have continued to grow and learn from each other. I am inspired by the passion and love these young kids have for Armenia.


Due to the fact that it is my first time in Armenia, AYF Camp Vanadzor has been the utmost exciting trip I have experienced. Although it’s been challenging, the bonds formed with the campers and co-counselors have made this an unforgettable experience.


Other than our usual routines at camp, today was unique because we spent the afternoon commemorating the Lisbon 5 for their importance and impact on our motherland. All of the campers and counselors went to a nearby church where we had a small ceremony in honor of our fallen heroes.


With only a couple of days left, I am looking forward to concluding this adventure with more memorable experiences.


Mary Estepanian

AYF Canada – Vancouver “Arshavir Shiragian” Chapter