Youth Corps 2016 – Day 1

Category: Youth Corps Diary - 2016

We arrived at the quiet streets of Vanadzor late at night, anxious to start the camp. One of our group leaders, Unger Raffi, woke us up with the smell of his delicious pancakes. After our delicious breakfast, topped with the Canadian maple syrup from the Duty Free we had picked up at the Toronto Pearson Airport, we wore our “Varitch” uniforms and made our way to the campsite, knowing very little about the hectic day ahead of us.


We set up the registration desks and Ungerouhi Talia opened the gates of the campsite where we were surprised by the large number of parents and children who approached us to sign up for the camp. The amount of registered campers was just over 300!


The opening ceremony was about to begin. We gathered the impatient campers together as quickly as possible. As cliche as it sounds, we knew our journey was about to begin after we finished singing “Mshag Panvor”. The day started off with ice-breakers to get to know the campers better. After playing a couple games of “Choor-Tsamak”, lunch was ready to be served. The campers quickly gathered in the cafeteria and finished their meals (bologna sandwiches and apple juice). We briefly lectured about the A.R.F. and tested their knowledge about what they had learned. Afterwards, we headed towards the park to play some soccer and hang upside down the monkey-bars.


Even though today was just the first day of camp, we bonded with the campers (they all wanted to take selfies with us…)


I can’t wait to see what else is in store over the next two weeks.


Aren Papissian
AYF Canada – Toronto Simon Zavarian Chapter