Legislative Assembly of Alberta Commemorates the Armenian Genocide

Category: Action Alerts

On May 5, 2014, the Legislative Assembly of Alberta commemorated the Armenian Genocide, hosted by the speaker of the assembly, the Honourable Gene Zwozdesky in the Legislature Building. The Assembly’s press release described the Genocide as, “an extremely dark period in history during which over 1 million men, women and children perished in an atrocious series of events committed against the Armenian people.”

“Ninety-nine years have passed since these horrific crimes against humanity took place, but for the many Armenian people living here in Alberta and for those scattered around the world, the pain of the loss of their people and their history is still felt today,” said the Honourable Gene Zwozdesky, Speaker of the Alberta Legislative Assembly. “We gather to remember the Armenian Genocide so that we can ensure that such a tragedy may never occur again.”

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