Last Day In Artsakh

Category: Youth Corps Diary - 2013

July 13, 2013


Our last day in Artsakh began by heading to Gandzasar Monastery, an ancient Armenian monastery built in the tenth century. The view was breathtaking since the church is built in the high hills. We then went to lunch in the Gandzasar area at a riverside restaurant. After lunch we went to a house museum dedicated to the life of Nikol Douman, located in the village of Tsaghkashat. Nikol Douman was an important figure in the Armenian national liberation movement and a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.  On our way back to Stepanakert, we stopped by the popular Artsakh monument “Mamik and Babik” for a group picture. The day ended with a kebab BBQ joint with the AYF members of Artsakh and West Coast Youth Corps volunteers. We then said a final farewell in hope of seeing each other again in the future.


Tomorrow morning we will be heading to Vanadzor to prepare for our Youth Corps camp. We are all very excited to start the camp and will keep you all updated on its progress.