Something Different This Time Around

Category: Youth Corps Diary - 2013

July 6, 2013
As I sit across my packed bags, I begin to realize that this is really happening; in just 72 hours I will be reunited with my homeland. I am impatiently waiting to wake up and see Mt. Ararat from my window. My mouth waters merely thinking about having a bonchik for breakfast. My toes are dying to touch the freezing water of Lake Sevan. And I can already imagine the heartbreak I am going to face when I have to leave. This summer I have the opportunity to live in Armenia not as a tourist but live as if this is truly my home. I’m honored to be joining AYF Canada as a volunteer in Vanadzor and genuinely believe this program is one of the best ways the Armenian Youth Federation gives back to our younger brothers and sisters living in our homeland. Fortunately, I have been to Armenia before and have an idea of what to expect. As children, we are taught to fall in love with it. Most of us grew up loving a place that was described to us as a magical far away country without even seeing it. I hope that through my journey and along with the journey of my fellow Ungers, you all read our stories and fall in love with this country once more. But, fall in love not only with the beautiful side of Armenia, fall in love with the sides that are not so perfect. Live vicariously through our experiences and most importantly, do not stand idly by.


-Lucy Dishoian – AYF Canada Youth Corps 2013 Volunteer

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