Turkey Wants Reversal of Canada’s Stance on Armenian Genocide

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On April 7, 2013, several Canadian news outlets published an article written by The Canadian Press national-international affairs-justice writer, Mike Blanchfield, entitled “Turkey wants end to Canada’s stance on Armenian genocide”. In his article, Blanchfield provides a biased, one-sided account of Turkey’s Ambassador to Canada, Tuncay Babali’s efforts to reverse the Harper government’s decision to formally recognize the Armenian genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire between 1915 and 1923.
In what Blanchfield calls “a wide ranging interview with The Canadian Press”, Abassador Babali states that the decision to brand the massacre of Armenians by the Ottoman government as genocide hinders a potentially lucrative trading relationship between Canada and Turkey. The ambassador is quoted as saying that, “It cannot be business as usual while accusing a nation of genocide. It’s a serious allegation. It needs to be substantiated, legally, historically.”
In 2006, in his Prime Ministerial statement on the day of commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the Canadian Parliament’s decision to recognize the Armenian Genocide in 2004 a formal government policy. Ambassador Babali’s stance that the recognition of the genocide hinders the economic partnership between the Canada and Turkey is not only is a historically inaccurate example of genocide denial and an insult to the thousands of Armenian-Canadian decedents of the Armenian genocide, but is also a clear case of the Turkish government lobby’s policy of intimidating and bullying nations, which have recognized the genocide.
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Please take a minute from your busy schedule and write to or call the Canadian Press, its Editor-in-Chief Scott White, as well as the several news outlets which published the article, expressing your outrage and disapproval of the biased information provided.

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