We Remember the Lisbon 5

Category: Youth Corps Diary - 2012

July 27, 2012


Today, AYF Canada’s Camp Vanadzor group dedicated the entire day to the memory of the five young men who entered the Turkish embassy in Lisbon on July 27, 1983, and sacrificed their lives to ensure that the issue of the Armenian genocide isn’t forgotten and brought to the World’s attention. As our campers heard of Sako, Setrak, Ara, Vatche and Simon’s story, many held their heads high knowing that such a sacrifice was made by this group for their nation and their cause.


The children held a special vigil in their honor at the Krikor Naregatsi Church of Vanadzor, where they sang, prayed and dedicated poems to the fallen heroes.


As we put an end to this first week of camp, counselors and campers alike are sad to see time pass by so fast. In just a few short days, we’ve learned from each other and have become a big happy family. As time goes by, it feels like Vanadzor has become our home away from home. Everything about this town has become familiar to us, and we like to think that we’ve created our own little space in the city buried in the majestic mountains of Lori.


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