Day 1 – AYF Camp Vanadzor is Open

Category: Youth Corps Diary - 2012

July 23, 2012


Despite the fact that we have been exploring several different cities for the past week revisiting memories as well as creating new ones, visiting churches and monument and trying new foods, today was something rather more fulfilling. Today was day one of Camp Vanadzor, something our group has been looking forward to for several months, anticipating the excitement of the children, their emotions and reactions.


We headed over in the morning and were touched to see several children along with their parents anxiously waiting in line to sign up and join Camp Vanadzor. All in all, we had 92 children register on our first day, a little more than our capacity with more expected. Although our camp will remain short, these coming weeks will evidently provide ample amount of lessons, fun and games, as well as patriotic songs, where the children will be able to explore historical aspects and have a better grasp of the ideology and significance of the ARF.


One particular event that took an emotional toll on our group was the sad news regarding the passing of Mels Melikian, a participant of Camp Vanadzor 2011, who had displayed avid excitement and enthusiasm. He suffered from leukemia and passed away just a few weeks ago.


Despite hearing about Mels’ untimely passing, we vowed to go in with a positive outlook, and make the best first day of camp. We introduced ourselves to the wonderful children of Vanadzor as well as their parents who were incredibly excited and overwhelmed with joy to be able to send their children to AYF Camp. We spent the day playing various games and organizing group activities as we got to know each other better.


That’s it for now, looking forward to keeping all of our fellow supporters posted.


Rest in Peace Enger Mels

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