Welcome to AYF Camp Vanadzor’s 2012 Camp Diary!

Category: Youth Corps Diary - 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to our Camp Diary! We are a group of 7 AYF Canada volunteers from Montreal, Toronto and Cambridge who will soon be travelling to Vanadzor, the 3rd largest city in Armenia, to organize and oversee a free two week camp for 100 local children.


Connecting the Diaspora with its motherland is crucial in the process of strengthening the Armenian nation. Having realized this, the AYF organization has successfully set up annual summer camps for local children in cities across Armenia, Artsakh and for the first time this year, in Javakhk.


This initiative is a large undertaking for AYF Canada and we appreciate any financial contribution to support this worthwhile cause. Donations can be made here: http://www.ardziv.org/ayfcan/donate/


As we get ready to travel to Vanadzor, we remember the words of Karekin Njdeh to the people of Kharakilise, the city’s former name, as they prepared to defend against the Turkish invasion in May 1918: “Straight to the frontline, our salvation is there”.


We too run towards the frontline in Armenia, for we know our only salvation is by being present in our motherland and helping it grow into a brighter tomorrow.